Oh No! Not Another Megaman Sprite Comic!

What Is This??

hehehe, you guessed it. Hi! This is Drag. I'm the person behind this comic, and drag.wootest.net for that matter. First off, I read Bob And George one day, and I'm like "Hey, can I do this?" And here you have it, the birth of Oh No! I make this comic when I'm bored or when I get a really good idea for a comic or something like that. There's no real commitment here, it's just something to do in spare time, just like John's Quest is. Usually, if I'm not doing something original in this comic (which is probably going to be the usual case... :P), I'll most likely be poking fun at other sprite comics, like overdone jokes (RAN DIED!! OH NO!), overdone cliches (Hi Author!), and just stuff like that. If you enjoy my horrible disgrace to sprite comics, great! If you don't enjoy it, great! Ok, now, I don't mean to intentionally give anything a bad name, if that ever happens, it's purely by accident. There will not be anything offensive in these comics, except maybe the occasional swearing, but that's not anything to worry about. Now, I don't primarilly intend to become another sprite comic "big namer" like Dave, Rick, etc., but if that happens, ...wahoo? Ok, I'm done talking now, just read the comic. You'll either like it or you'll hate it. :P

- Drag

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