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John's Quest??
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John's Quest

Ok, know what sucks? I lost the source code to this when my HD flipped. Not like I worked on it anyway, but still, now I *can't* work on it. I put the NSF up here, to be enjoyed by all. You can find it in the downloads section.

What is it?
John's quest is a homebrew nes game that I'm making. The storyline is still in the works, but what I have so far gets the point across. There's this guy named John. John has been cursing the land with annoyance by randomly choosing victims and forcing them to solve puzzles, or die. (Ooh! Die! Suspense!!) His next victim is a guy named Hiryuu. Hiryuu is a wacky guy who is borderline insane. John wants to 'correct' Hiryuu's insanity with an annoying quest to go on (see? John's Quest.). One night, while he is asleep, John stops by to pick up Hiryuu, and dump him into the quest. Hiryuu will be THRILLED when he wakes up, huh?

Right now, John's Quest isn't in a game state yet, it's just a tech demo to see if stuff will work. Everything's looking good so far. I have a tech demo available publically, but it's the only demo you'll get, otherwise the game will be stale when it comes out. :P It's never good when a game gets stale before its release.

Currently, I am working on this game alone (No, I do NOT need your help, thanks. :P) and in my spare time, so I'm not expecting this game to be done any time in the immediate future. Maybe sometime in winter 2004 if I work on it constantly, but spring 2005 looks more reasonable. DO NOT rely on that date, it may and probably will change from time to time.

I would appreciate if no one would e-mail me about this game. If you absolutely MUST contact me, I can usually be found on IRC at Find me. :P

Screen Shots
There isn't much here right now, but once I get more notable stuff done in this game, I'll put more. Just hang in there. Screen shots are taken with FCEUltra Debug.

Yes, the water is wavy! :D

FAQ (The OTHER F-word!)
Q: Will you teach me nes (6502) assembly?
A: No.

Q: Oh come on! Please??
A: No.

Q: Well, can you tell me where I can learn nes (6502) assembly?
A: Yeah, try here:

Q: What do you use to assemble your nes (6502) programs?
A: I use the 6502 portion of DASM.

Q: What do you use to draw your graphics?
A: I used to use Tile Layer Pro, but I found that YY-CHR fit my needs better. Both programs can be found here.

Q: How did you make the music?
A: 6502 Assembly! How else? :) A friend of mine (Acmlm) wrote some nsf code, and I was interested in it, and he let me use it in my game. I modified it a bit to allow for some more features, and for sound effects. The music itself is my own, and I composed it in Modplug Tracker first, before I converted it (by hand! :P) to the nsf code's format. To put it in my game, I took out the nsf header, changed some addresses around, and jammed it into my rom, and it worked great (after I played around with it a bit. :P).

Q: Do you need any help?
A: No, I do not need any help. Thanks for offering though. :) The reason I'm doing this by myself is because I know how I want every aspect of my game to be, and usually when someone else codes stuff, it takes longer to figure out the logic and what everything does, versus when I code the stuff myself. Now, for music and graphics, I don't need any help with that either, but thanks for offering. :)

Q: You made the graphics yourself?
A: Yes.

Q: You SURE you don't need any help?
A: I'm sure. (Nice juxtaposition, by the way. :P)

Q: Slanted exclamation points??
A: Yes!! ;) I think it looks more classic game-ish, but I'm not really a completely diagonal exclamation point guy. A slant to it is good. Diagonal isn't as good (but isn't too bad either.)

The latest (and probably ONLY) demo you can get is "td build 6". Yes, I made that name up. :P (td means tech demo).

TD Build 6
John's Quest NSF
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